Sunday, June 26, 2011

Don't Wake the Baby!!!

Three months! I have been a new mommy for three months, and I haven't had a spare moment in THREE MONTHS!  Our bouncing baby girl came into this world unexpectedly April 6th. We had Taken Baby Momma to the hospital for her monthly check up thinking we had three more weeks to go. To our surprise she was in labor and dilated to 5cm. The girl never said a word. It completely baffles me. I have birth three babies and believe me I KNEW when I was in labor. three hours later we had our beautiful little girl Rosalin Olivia.

How had I forgotten how tiring babies are?? Maybe it's just because I'm no spring chicken any more. How did I ever take care of three little ones at one time, when this 8 pound ball on chubby single-handedly runs me into the ground every day?????  Oye vay!!!!

So for the past 9 weeks Pickles has been sleeping through the night from 8pm-6am. Yeah right? Well, it would be a yeah if she slept at least a little during the day.  Our little princess never sleeps longer than 20 mins during the day, and to top is off, if someone isn't holding her... she screams.  We are talking BLOODY MURDER SCREAM!  It is so hard to understand how such a smiley happy little thing can turn into Linda Blair in the matter of seconds.  Honestly it began to scare me.  Is there something wrong with my poor baby?  I even began to question Baby Momma's actions. What if she had been using drugs or drinking and we never knew????  I couldn't even imagine!  after 6 weeks of having to be held 15 hours a day, I am seriously thinking that Attachment Parenting folks are a bit crazy!  I mean, I love my baby, but my arms hurt, my back aches and I am going slowly insaine.

So.... I broke down.  First, I got cable TV installed. Now I can actually sit and watch something while holding Pickles and not feel like I am going to lose my mind.   And, as much as I hate to admit it, I hired a live in nanny/housekeeper. So now, I don't have to feel so quilty that my house is a mess and I haven't got ANT THING accomplished all day.  In my defence, my husband has been away in Africa for the past month and I was all alone trying to deal with screaming Mimi.

Now, at three months she is finally starting to give me a bit more time. Yesterday I actually finished painting my living room after three weeks! Pickles is finally calming down as we try to settle into a rhythm here in our jungle home and all the monkeys are happy...for now