Thursday, July 21, 2011

February Baby Carbon Steps

When I found out we where getting a baby the first thing we did was run off to the mall. 23 years ago when I started giving birth to “the Grown Ups” I was young and dirt poor. I had to work two jobs just to buy diapers. This time, I’m all grown up can basically afford to buy anything and everything little Pickles could need. My first thoughts where all the stuff cool new stuff they have out for babies and how we needed them ALL!

Then I got to thinking, “Why?” Why is it so important that Pickles has everything brand new? She’s not going to care if someone else already wore her onsie, so why should I?  Is it more important for the baby to have a $500 stroller from America or for us to send the money on a plane ticket for Beans to come see her baby sister?

February’s goal for us is to refrain from buying new baby stuff. We are working to beg, borrow or buy, used baby clothes and any baby items we might need.

We have some awesome friends who dug through their storage and found some great things like this Cherry wood Basset Crib from the states, tons of clothes, and a cool Graco stroller/ car seat.

The stroller and car seat where a little faded, but other wise in great shape,  so my DH Google, dug down to his Indian roots and pulled out his alter ego “the little seamstress” and totally remodeled both stroller and car seat in a great cherry fabric. It turned out so awesome and only cost us about $30 instead of the $500 I had planned on spending. (and Beans gets to see her baby sis!)

So far we have got everything second hand  or made it ourselves. The only thing that I am going to buy is some new glass baby bottles, and  maybe a binky or two.  That cutie, over priced baby dress will just have to stay on the rack.