About Me

I am the mother to four wonderful talented kids I call "The Grown -Ups" They Boy 23, Zippy 21, Sissy 20 and Baby Beanz 18, wife to one IT geek "Google", Mommy to be to a beautiful Thai baby girl, and totally, 100% gypsy. I believe in, and try to practice faithfully: cloth diapers, sustainability, Waldorf, micro-farming, knitting, crocheting, sewing, domestic goddesses, Montessori Schooling, homeschooling, ECO-education and living life to it's fullest. I love God, my family, the 50's, and chocolate, in that order. And I have an unusual love for farm animals, especially horses, chickens and goats. In my quest to find my calling I have been a teacher, riding instructor, dance teacher, organic farmer, waitress, sales girl, fitness instructor, school director and even a flight attendant, but I always go back to teaching.
We are now living in a wonderful home in Chiang Mai Thailand, where will raise our new little monkey naturally, Jungle Style!