Thursday, September 1, 2011

Old School Baby

Before Pickles was born I made a pledge to use only cloth diapers. since they don't have any of the fancy AIO here in Thailand, I spent a ton of time sewing diapers.  OM goodness they are soooo cute!  Unfortunately the whole thing has been a bust. We tried many different patterns and Google even designed his own before we could get a good fit, but we still have major problems. Basically we can't get the right fabric here to make the diapers waterproof and so wearing cloth means changing bedding or pads continuously!  Good Lordy the laundry that makes. Well,our motto around here is "Try, Try, Again" so, we instead of giving up on the whole cloth diaper bit we are going to give up the prefolds, and go old school.

So here is the new plan....

Back in May Dirty Diaper Laundry placed a flat diaper challenge.

Here are the rules:

  • You MUST use Flats.Ok, no problem you can get them here.
  • You MUST handwash them.  How is up to you.  (bathtub, sink, large wash tub, portable non electronic washing machine, or camp style washer (bucket and plunger- think churning butter) Again, no problem, we hand wash the majority of our clothes.
  • You MUST air dry them.  (indoors or outdoors, makes no difference) Is there any other way??? (I haven't had a dryer in 10 years)
  • You MUST limit your number of covers in rotation to 5 or less. Yikes, now I need to makecovers!
  • You can use any detergent you want.  (Keep in mind that you still want cloth safe detergents)
  • You can still use your nighttime diapers but I ask that you try to make flats work.  Maybe try a prefold wrapped in a flat.
  • You can use disposable liners. Yeah helps for poop!
  • You CAN’T use a diaper sprayer.  I thought long and hard about this one, but at an average cost of 40.00 this is one diaper accessory that is out of range for many families.  Dunk, swish, flush, or scrape! Sorry Not giving up my sprayer It's Thai culture
  • You MUST start the morning of May 23 and end the evening of May 30. OPPS I'm a day late and a dollar short!
  • You MUST fill out a completion survey about your experience.  Results will be published here and can be republished on your own blog. 
Can you believe that 400 moms took this challenge?? Holy Guacamole!

So, I am to late to do the formal challenge, but I figure it's never too late. Google and I have been contemplating this for months.  Prefolds are cool, but what ever happened to good 'ol diapers and rubber pants?? I used them for the Grown Ups and never had a problem, so why not use them now?  So in traditional 50's housewife style I am going to start my own little vintage baby challenge. Starting September 1st our little jungle home is going retro and using flat cloth diapers from now on.

Sorry if I don't blog for a while, I might be busy washing diapers!

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