Monday, March 14, 2011

Dragon Invasion!

Dragon Invasion!

In America I always know it’s spring by the lovely little lambs and calfs frolicking in the pastures. Here in Thailand it’s the birth of the lovely little LIZARDS! Living in the jungle you come to expect all kinds of creepy crawly things. I love creepy crawly… at a distance.

This week we have had a bit of an invasion by these lovely little dragons. It seems that my fairy garden is being dominated by this guy:

Meet Firedrake. In Thai he is called “king kah hua daeng” which means red-head lizard (creative huh?) He actually has a blue or green headsometimes.

He is the guardian of our newly formed fairy garden, in our beautiful new front yard. I suppose we should have asked his permission before renting out his hollow tree stump to the Fairies, because he’s a bit angry with me right now. As I sit out on the patio writing everyday he gets closer and closer and I thought we were going to be fast friends, but his mood has changed and he has started making this weird croaking noise at me. Yesterday we discovered why, when his wife Saphira and little son, Zhou Long (Little Dragon) appeared with him.. Now they all spend the day giving me their little beady dragon stares as if to say “Get your dumb magic tree and picnic set off our front lawn!”

Sorry guys I know what it’s like to have your home invaded for sure, because not only are the Firedrake family on the front lawn, and about 40 little ginkgos (geckos) in the house, but this horrible beast has moved INTO THE HOUSE!

I know your thinking “cute little Gecko.’ Cute Gecko my ass! Let me explain that this thing is called a Tokay (which I think is Thai for “big-ass lizard) and is about 20 inches nose to tail, and it hisses, and it poops the size of a cat! And if having that ugly thing lookin at you ain’t enough, it’s got 3 babies!

Every morning now I’m cleaning big cat size poops off my floor, and this morning it was on my YOGA MAT! That’s the last straw of course. Giecko Gecko and her family gotta go. I called some friends and they are going to come lasso her tomorrow (which should lead to some pretty good photos!) And yes, Thai’s do eat these things, but for the most part they believe that they posses spirits of people and are good luck. So it’s kinda bad juju if you eat one! So no, my friends are not going to eat them! Hopefully.

Spring just isn’t the same in the Jungle!


  1. Congratulations on your pregnancy. How wonderful you will have another baby, especially that all the others are so grown. Mine are 5 and 8 and I feel they are already too grown that I want another. Will try again next year. Thank you for the sweet comment on my blog. Yes I do remember all those dogs over there. I travelled from India, through to Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, down through Malaysia to Indonesia. Tragic. My children love lizards, we have many of them but they hardly survive because of our cats, the Tarantulas take the prize though. Do you have them there. I remember those beautiful times I spend during the old days in Koh Phan Gang about 18 years ago when it wasn't too crowded or corrupt.

  2. Earthboys mama,Thanks for visiting my blog! I have to tell you I actually cried when I saw you pic of the boys on their ponies. (it's the hormones!) This is the life I grew up in and I long for my baby to know the joy and freedom. Thailand is beautiful and I love to share it with others. My door is always open if your family ever visits! Have a great day!