Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Not so Wordless Wednesday

Some days you just gotta speak out and this is one of those days. Our goal is to raise this new baby naturally and as holistically as possible. I know that this is Thailand and the standards and values are not the same, but some things really just piss me off! (sorry)

This morning while waiting at Chiang Mai Ram to see the baby Dr. the nurse came and told us we had to wait because the doctor was upstairs with a patient. Me, being nosy, decided to go see what was going on. If you are not from Thailand, let me explain that you can basically just walk in anywhere in the hospital. So, I go up to the Labor and Delivery floor. I noticed a man standing in front of the the nursery window so I went to go check it out. Behind the class, in this florescent lit, noisy room, was a plastic bed with a tiny baby girl, wearing nothing but a diaper and those baby boxing gloves. I began talking to the man and found out that this precious life was his new baby daughter. She was 1 hour old and he was waiting to hold her for the first time.WHAT!!!!!!!! I have to say I did a very good job keeping clam for this poor man's benefit, but I was outraged!

I continued talking with the man and found out that he had NOT been allowed in the delivery room and had not seen his wife for hours. and neither he, nor his wife had held the baby yet because the nurses said he couldn't. You got to be kidding me! I have heard horror stories about Ram, but we have tried to keep positive while looking for another hospital. This was it though. there was this tiny little spirit laying in a plastic tub basically in a room so bright it would give you a migraine, no blanket, no swaddling,nothing! Seeing her tiny feet and boxing gloved hands flailing around, I could only think of Alice in Wonderland, falling down the rabbit hole. This poor baby looked as if she was desperately trying to grasp something to stop the word from spinning.
A nurse came out and New Daddy asked if he could hold the baby. Her reply was no we are busy right now. Busy??? My husband would have flipped out!

With tears in my eyes, I made my way back to Google and Baby Mama and relayed the story to them. My husband right away wanted to walk out of the hospital, but we went through with the appointment.An hour later,as we were leaving the hospital, we went back up to see the baby one last time . Poor New Daddy was still standing in the window waiting to hold poor little Alice.

There is NO WAY IN HELL that our baby is going to be born in that hospital! I may be a crunchy granola foreigner, but please can't people see that there is something wrong here?????

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