Monday, March 21, 2011

Jungle Baby Natural

Going "baby natural" was something I knew we had to do the moment I learned we were getting a baby. You see, we live in a jungle. Yes it's tropical and there are trees and monkeys and elephants, but it's not just a green jungle, it's a PLASTIC jungle. Everything here is made-from or wrapped in plastic. Sometimes three or four layers of plastic. Not only is it a jungle, but It's a chemical jungle. Everything is loaded down with what ever companies feel like putting in their products.

To make things worse, I don't speak the language. Everything is written is swirly-whirlly Thai and I have no idea what ingredients is in anything! Even familiar things may have an English name, like "Frosted Flakes". but unless it is imported, the ingredients and Thai.  We are able to get alot of imported stuff, like Seventh Generation, but it's three times what I'd pay back home. Just not in the budget, but there is no way I'm putting anything on Pickles that I don't know what it is.

Am I being crazy? Too Granola? Ober concerned?  I don't think so.  Last time I did this baby thing with "the Grown Ups" I used all the quick and easy stuff. Johnson's& Johnson's  was my pal. But I had babies with chronic ear infections, exema, asthma, colic, diaper rash, and a number of other illnesses. I'm not twenty years old now and I know, that even though I love the small of a J&J baby, I am not putting that stuff on Pickles tiny hiney!

You see three years ago I spent 16 days in the hospital here in beautiful Chiang Mai, with pestiside poisoning. My body got to the point where it just couldn't take any more of the crap that was being pumped in, slattered on, or inhaled. As beautiful as it it here, the fact of the matter is, there really are no "regulations". Just like the traffic lights, food regulations are a suggestion.  I am leary of everything now. If I can't read it, I'm not buying it.
So the need to create  my own Jungle Baby care has arisen. I am hoping here, through this blog to share, with others the lovely natural products that you can make yourself. Or, if you live in Thailand, direct you to things that have worked for me and that I trust. Hope you enjoy and use them.  Please let me know if you try my ideas and what you think!

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